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Dimatix Samba G3L Printhead

Dimatix Samba G3L Printhead

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The Samba G3L printhead technology delivers the breakthrough quality, speed and scalability required for variable width, single pass production inkjet printing and materials deposition applications. Based on state-of-the-art silicon micro-electro-mechanical systems manufacturing (Si-MEMS), the Samba G3L printhead is the most advanced technology available today.

With 2048 individually addressable nozzles, the Samba G3L printhead has 1,200 dpi native resolution (600 dpi in redundant mode) and a native ink drop size of 2.4 picoliters (pl) delivering outstanding print quality that can jet a wide range of fluids including UV curable and aqueous inks.


Number of addressable Jets per module: 2048

Print width: 43mm (1.7 in.) per printhead, stitch for infinite print width

Native resolution: 1200 dpi/600 dpi in redundant mode

Native drop size/largest drop size: 2.4pl to 13.2pl

Firing frequency: Up to 100Khz

Nominal fluid viscosity: 2 to 10 cPs (3 to 7 cPs recommended)

Compatible jetting fluids: UV-curable, organic solvents, aqueous, latex

Nozzle Plate technology: Silicon MEMS/ Non-wetting coating

Printhead heat type: Fluids thermal transfer

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