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Mimaki SS21 Ink Set 6 Colours (440ml cartridge)

Mimaki SS21 Ink Set 6 Colours (440ml cartridge)

Product Code: SPC-0501
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Original Mimaki SS21 is a fast drying solvent ink with superior adhesion to media, paired with a brilliant colour reproduction for high speed printing. Mimaki SS21 ink can be used for printing on various types of media with high scratch resistance characteristics. 
Easy-to-use 440ml cartridges allow a rapid ink exchange with no mess. 
This SS21 ink is suitable for CJV30, JV33, JV5, CJV150, CJV300, JV150, JV300 series and JV34-260 printers. This is the original Mimaki SS21 ink (part number SPC-0501).

- Ink Type: SS21 Solvent Ink (with IC chip)
- Ambient Temperature: 20 - 35°C
- Ambient Humidity: 35 - 65% RH (No condensation)
- Ink Volume: 440ml
- Colours: 6 colours available

This set includes: 
- 1x SPC-0501C  Cyan (440ml cartridge)
- 1x SPC-0501M  Magenta (440ml cartridge)
- 1x SPC-0501Y  Yellow (440ml cartridge)
- 1x SPC-0501K  Black (440ml cartridge)
- 1x SPC-0501LC Lite Cyan (440ml cartridge)
- 1x SPC-0501LM Lite Magenta (440ml cartridge)

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