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Talking Heads (Book in English)

Talking Heads (Book in English)

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Talking Heads

How inkjet printheads work and sometimes don't.

Large format inkjet printers increasingly dominate the sign and display printing sectors and are moving into printed flooring, wall coverings, textiles and ceramics. Printheads are the high tech pulsing hearts of all these printers, but before now there has been little accessible information on how they work, how to take care of them, and what to do if they go wrong. Talking Heads fills this gap, as a short, accessible introduction to printheads, with plain English explanations, clear illustrations and a unique guide to which printheads are fitted to the most popular makes of printers sold in Europe and North America. Sadly, this book has no connection with the well known musical combo of the same name.

Written by Simon Eccles & Melony Rocque-Hewitt.

This book is released on 26th June for Fespa 2013.

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